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DN3 Suspension Spot Welder

  • The welder have two kinds: transformer and controller separately two parts;one part of transformer and controller.
  • Users can choose to join single rifle or one pair of rifles and have auxiliary journeys to control according to the needs of craft.
  • Voltage transformer two end can receive ordinary form root cable, can connect having the sense cable.
  • The cooling system of the welder is the closed path type, two kinds of water supply ways that suitable for the closed path and open a way. Enter water and is equipped with the filter, the very effective one prevents the impurity form stopping up the cooling system. The return water is equipped with the rivers, indicator, observe it conveniently.
  • With high capacity and efficiency voltage transformer, volume small and exquisite, energy-conservation, import pneumatic component small, flow heavy, high maintaining convenient dependability.



Model DN3-160 DN3-200
Rated Power(KVA) 160 200
Rated Input Current(A) 400 475
Rated Duty Cycle(%) 50
Rated Input Voltage(V) 380
Power Supply Frequency(HZ) 50/60
Secondary Unload Voltage(V) 21.7-19 24.5-21.7
Max Input Capacity(KVA) 315 383
Max Output Current(A) 14800 16200
Insulating Grade F
Cooling Water Consumption 2.5bar(L/min) 14 16
Pressure Of Cooling Water(Mpa) 0.15-0.3
Pressure Of Compressed Air(Mpa) 0.5-0.6
Insulating Resistance 500VDC=500M
Diele Ctric Intensity 2500V/60S(primary-secondary)
Weight(KG) 170 180
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