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Stud Welder

  • Working voltage detection is more accurate under the control of microcontroller, discharge of the capacitor more fully, welding superior performance, more conductive performance protection
  • Suitable for welding carbon steel, stainless steel, steel alloy, aluminum and other materials; welding time as only 6 milliseconds to ensure that the same material of the solderability
  • The display shows the operating voltage, can be adjusted without stepless, as well it is designed for board-mounted digital tube, long life, easy maintenance, no external display header
  • Failure rate is very low, it is average can be use more than a million times without any trouble
  • Adopting single-chip control, parameter control precision, the key components are imported
  • Weld guns use Germany imported micro-control switch that life expectancy can reach 600,000 times,the main capacitor life reach 2 million times
Model RSR-1600 RSR-2500 RSR-3500(Galvanized sheet) RSR-5000
Welding Current Output Mode electrolytic capacitor
Capacitor Model(uF) 72000 108000 144000 144000
Power(W) 500 500 800 1000
Input Fuse(A) 10
Charging Voltage(V) 35-200
Welding Time(S) 0.001-0.003
Welding Speed(pcs/min) 15-40
Power Voltage(V) AC220-2P(110/380/415 can customized)
Frequency(HZ) 50/60
Protection Grade IP31
Welding Stud Length(mm) standard 5-35
Welding Range(mm) 2-10
Torch Cable(m) 3(can customized)
Stud Welding Range(stud diameter mm/material) 2-6/low-carbon steel 2-8/low-carbon steel 2-10/low-carbon steel 2-10/low-carbon steel
2-6/stainless steel 2-8/stainless steel 2-8/stainless steel 2-10/stainless steel
2-6/aluminum alloy 2-8/aluminum alloy 2-8/aluminum alloy 2-8/aluminum alloy
2-6/zinc 2-8/zinc 2-8/zinc 2-10/zinc
Weight(KG) 16 18 22 28
Dimensions(mm) 480*220*300 480*220*300 600*220*300 600*220*300
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