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Stud Welder

  • The display shows the operating voltage, can be adjusted without stepless, as well it is designed for board-mounted digital tube, long life, easy maintenance, no external display header
  • Failure rate is very low, it is average can be use more than a million times without any trouble
  • Adopting single-chip control, parameter control precision, the key components are imported
  • Weld guns use Germany imported micro-control switch that life expectancy can reach 600,000 times,the main capacitor life reach 2 million times
Model # RSR-1600 RSR-2500 RSR-3500 RSR-5000
Welding Current Output Mode Aluminum electrolytic capacitors discharge
Capacitor Model(uF) 72000 108000 144000 180000
Power(W) 500 500 800 1500
Welding Speed(pcs/min) 15-35 15-35 15-35 15-35
Power Voltage(V) 220 220 220 220
Woking Voltage(V) 30-198 30-198 30-198 30-198
Frequency(HZ) 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60
Cooling Method outside air cooling outside air cooling outside air cooling outside air cooling
Protection Grade IP23 IP23 IP23 IP23
Welding Stud Length(mm) standard 5-35 standard 5-35 standard 5-35 standard 5-35
Welding Range(diameter mm/metal) 3-6/low-carbon steel 3-8/low carbon steel 3-10/low-carbon steel 3-12/low-carbon steel
3-6/stainless steel 3-8/stainless steel 3-10/stainless steel 3-10/stainless steel
3-5/aluminum alloy 3-7/aluminum alloy 3-8/aluminum alloy 3-8/aluminum alloy
3-5/copper alloy 3-6/copper alloy 3-6/copper alloy 3-8/copper alloy
Dimensions(mm) 460x220x250 460x220x250 580x220x250 580x220x250
Weight(KG) 22 25 35 50
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