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Sign Welder

  • It is mainly used in various kinds of steel mills or large storage and transportation bases, for the welding of screw or steel plates.
  • The valve special plate welder is mainly applied to the welding of stainless steel or carbon steel valve signs, and the unmarked welding is achieved.


Model BP-15 BP-15-G GB-VRS16(valve) RSR-DPI(portable)
Welding Current Output Mode electrolytic capacitor  
Capacitor Model(uF) 72000 108000 108000 72000
Power(W) 500 800 800 500
Input Fuse(A) 10  
Charging Voltage(V) 35-200  
Welding Time(S) 0.001-0.003  
Welding Speed(pcs/min) 15-40  
Power Voltage(V) AC220 AC220 AC220 DC12
Protection Grade IP31  
Welding Range(mm) sign welding nail ¢4.4  
Torch Cable(m) 3(can customized)  
Weight(KG) 16 18 22 28
Dimensions(mm) 480*220*300 480*220*300 480*220*300 480*220*300
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