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Heat Preservation Nail Welder

  • The application of this technology has more than ten years of experience, and its excellent stability has been fully affirmed.
  • In China, some of the iconic building insulation systems also use this process, and some processes in the northern part of the building also use this process and it is not affected by the seasons.
Model GB-BW01 GB-BW01-G GB-25000CY GB-25000CY-G
Welding Current Output Mode electrolytic capacitor
Capacitor Model(uF) 72000 108000 108000 108000
Power(W) 500 500 800 1000
Input Fuse(A) 10
Charging Voltage(V) 35-200
Welding Time(S) 0.001-0.003
Frequency(HZ) 50/60
Welding Speed(pcs/min) 15-40
Power Voltage(V) AC220-2P(110/380/415 can customized) 
Protection Grade IP31
Welding Range(mm) blast pipe Insulation nail blast pipe Insulation nail(Bold) marine insulation nail marine insulation nail&hook nail
Torch Cable(m) 3(can customized)
Weight(KG) 16 18 22 28
Dimensions(mm) 480*220*300 480*220*300 600*220*300 600*220*300
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